Alan Weil on Payment Reform

“We should remember, however, that payment reform is a tool, not an end in itself; and we should be clear about our goals and then deploy the tool where it can help us achieve those goals” Alan Weil, Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs, has written a two part blog series on payment reform over on the Health Affairs Blog. Part One, “Why I Oppose Payment Reform” and Part Two, “How to Succeed at Payment Reform (By Really Trying)” are available now.

A Medical Student’s Perspective

By Glenn Kautz, MPH For the average medical student in their first two years, the words “health systems innovation,” provokes a similar reaction as “quantum mechanics;” a vague concession that the concept exists, followed by a momentary consideration of why that might be important, a shrug, and finally a resumption of trying to memorize 1023 facts before dawn. While our most basic motivation stems from helping our future patients, the daily Sisyphean pursuit of medical knowledge shapes us into experts at deciphering what we must learn in order to survive academically. Thus, the focus is most often on the what,...