2014 Publications

Building a Community Health Center Data Warehouse to Promote Patient-Centered Research in the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders Population. Li V., Chang Weir R, Quach T, Gillespie S, McBurnie MA, Oster A, Laws R, Alperovitz-Bichell K, O’Brien KE, Nelson C. AAPI Nexus

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MyPreventiveCare: Implementation and Dissemination of an Interactive Preventive Health Record in Three Practice-Based Research Networks Serving Disadvantaged Patients-A Randomized Cluster Trial. Krist A, Aycock R, Etz R, Devoe J, Sabo RT, Williams R, Stein KL, Iwamoto G, Puro J, Deshazo J, Kashiri PL, Arkind J, Romney C, Kano M, Nelson C, Longo DR, Wolver S, Woolf SH. Implementation Science

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Not a Kidney or a Lung: Research Challenges in a Network of Safety Net Clinics. Heintzman J, Likumahuwa S, Nelson , Eiff MP, Gold R, Carroll J, Muench J, Hill C, Mital M, DeVoe JE. Family Medicine

Advantages of Wordless Instructions on how to Complete a Fecal Immunochemical Test: Lessons from Patient Advisory Council Members of a Federally Qualified Health Center. Coronado GD, Sanchez J, Petrik A, Kapka T, DeVoe JE, Green B. Journal of Cancer Education

Using Electronic Health Record Data to Evaluate Preventive Service Utilization Among Uninsured Safety Net Patients. Heintzman J, Marino M, Hoopes M, Bailey S, Gold R, Crawford C, Cowburn S, O’Malley J, Nelson C, DeVoe J. Preventative Medicine

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Back to The Future: Reflections on the History of the Future of Family Medicine. Doohan, N. C., J. Endres, J. Scherger, N. Koehn, J. Miller, J. E. DeVoe and J. Martin. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

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Insurance Continuity and Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake in Oregon and California Federally-Qualified Health Centers. Cowburn S, Carlson M, Lapidus J, Heintzman J, Bailey S, DeVoe JE. American Journal of Public Health

Linkage Methods for Connecting Children with Parents in Electronic Health Record and State Public Health Insurance Data. Angier H, Gold R, Crawford C, O’Malley J, Tillotson C, Marino M, DeVoe JE. Maternal and Child Health Journal

Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) Are Promising Laboratories for Conducting Dissemination and Implementation Research. Heintzman, J., R. Gold, A. Krist, J. Crosson and J. E. DeVoe. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

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The ADVANCE Network: Accelerating Data Value across a National Community Health Center Network. DeVoe JE, Gold R, Cottrell E, Bauer V, Brickman A, Puro J, Nelson C, Mayer KH, Sears A, Burdick T, Merrell J, Matthews P, Fields S. J Am Med Inform Assoc.

Understanding how Low-Income Families Prioritize Elements of Health Care Access for their Children via the Optimal Care Model. Angier, H., J. Gregg, R. Gold, C. Crawford, M. Davis and J. E. DeVoe. BMC Health Services Research

Use of Qualitative Methods and User-Centered Design to Develop Customized Health Information Technology Tools Within Federally Qualified Health Centers to Keep Children Insured. DeVoe J, Angier H, Likumahuwa S, Hall J, Nelson C, Dickerson K, Keller S, Burdick T, Cohen D. J Ambul Care Manage

Using an Automated Data-driven, EHR-Embedded Program for Mailing FIT kits: Lessons from the STOP CRC Pilot Study. Coronado GD, Burdick T, Petrik A, Kapka T, Retecki S, et al. J Gen Pract

Using Geographic Information Systems to Identify Communities in Need of Health Insurance Outreach within the OCHIN Practice-Based Research Network. Angier, H., S. Likumahuwa, S. Finnegan, T. Vakarcs, A. Bazemore, M. Carrozza and J. E. DeVoe. J Am Board Fam Med

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