Link Round Up: National Health Center Week Edition

Link Round Up: National Health Center Week Edition

By William JA Pinnock

It’s National Health Center Week and today at Community Research Laboratory we are going to tip our hats, raise our glasses, and give respectable nods towards community health centers for all they do. To celebrate this joyous week, we are going to look at a two-part series on CHCs in Douglas County in Oregon, look at some new funding for CHCs, and we are going to wrap it all up with a commentary in defense of CHCs.

Let’s kick off this celebration by starting locally in our home state of Oregon. The News-Review ran a tw0-part series this week on the community health centers of Douglas county. They did a wonderful job discussing the history and the vital functions these health centers perform for their communities. Read part 1 and part 2.

Here’s a dose of good news to end NHC week: the Department of Health and Human Services  is giving $105 million to community health centers! The money will be given to 1,333 community health centers around the US. Read more about the funding here.

To close out NHC week let’s end with a passionate argument for the continued need of community health centers. This Letter to the Editor comes from Lolita A. Lopez, president and CEO of the community health system Westside Family Healthcare.