Link Round Up: Monday Telehealth/SDOH Edition!

Link Round Up: Monday Telehealth/SDOH Edition!

By William JA Pinnock

Hello! Welcome to a special Monday edition of the Link Round Up. You know how the mood just strikes you sometimes to go above and beyond? That feeling was coursing through me today so I decided to give in. Now, usually when I do a Monday edition there is a single theme around it (telehealth, social determinants, ACA, etc.), but this time I couldn’t find enough articles to create a comprehensive theme, so instead I focused on social determinants of health and telemedicine.  So inside this edition, we will take a pro/con approach to telehealth with one article showcasing the positives and another discussing the potential downsides, then we explore social determinants of health in EHR, and finally wrap it all up with a discussion of how SDOH could look in the era of President Trump.

New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center is using telehealth to it’s advantage. They have started a new program called “Telehealth Express Care” to help ease the amount of patients needing to use the ER and the results have been astounding. They have found that wait times have been cut in half since starting the program. Read more about it here.

Telehealth is an amazing, futuristic healthcare option. But, everything awesome has a potential negative. A recent research study from the University of Wisconsin found that “online care options increases the number of office visits and phone calls and reduces the number of new patients providers can accept.” Read more about the study here.

Congrats to Kaiser CHR and OCHIN’s own Rachel Gold on being featured in a second article discussing the benefits of including SDOH screeners in the EHR. Read about her recently published study and why we need more SDOH screeners here.

Finally, let’s end with news that could easily become a regular feature here at Community Research Laboratory, which if it did I would title “Healthcare in the Time of Trump”. Catchy, no? Anyways,  Health Affairs Blog recently posted a piece about what happens if President Trump slashes funding for programs that directly impact the social determinants of health. I feel this is essential reading to know just what is at stake.