Link Round Up: Jul 30 – Aug 5

Link Round Up: Jul 30 – Aug 5

By William JA Pinnock

Question: Are you looking for the latest health news? Do you feel like there is just too much information out there and you feel lost in the digital wilderness? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! This little oasis is called the Link Round Up and we are here to deliver you the latest news from the healthcare world. Today we have assembled a fascinating array of articles featuring the opioid epidemic, an organization’s plan to help community hospitals, how electronic health records helped uncover the extent of the Flint, Michigan lead crisis, and a town meeting at one of OCHIN’s member clinics. To quote Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention: “Wowie zowie!”

Look, there is a huge opioid epidemic in this country. But, is it a national emergency? OPB recently aired a news feature on what it would mean to declare an opioid national emergency.

Community Hospital Corporation (a consulting and management firm) recently launched a new charity to provide “consulting services to troubled community hospitals”.  The charity will provide no and low cost consulting services to assess where community hospitals need help. Read more about the new charity here.

To be fair, this article is over a year old so it is not the most current healthcare news, but it’s of such importance that it needs to be highlighted. Did you remember the lead problem in Flint, Michigan? Of course you do, it was awful. But, did you know that Epic EHR assisted in discovering just how vast of a problem it was? It did, and you can read this vintage piece of reporting (it’s a from a year and a quarter ago, that counts as vintage right?) from MedCity News.

OCHIN Massachusetts member clinic Codman Square Health Center will be joined by Mass. Senator Edward Markey to talk about national healthcare and to praise the work that Codman Square Health Center is doing for the Dorchester community. Read more about the talk here and if you live in Dorchester, go down to Codman Square and listen to Senator Markey.