Link Round Up: Jul 2- 8

Link Round Up: Jul 2- 8

By William JA Pinnock

Hello and welcome back to the Link Round Up: your source for fresh, organically grown and sourced medical news articles. This week, our bumper crop of news ranges from transgender healthcare, to mobile medical units, to social determinants of health, and more!

Within the medical community there is beginning to be a growth of young physicians who are working to improve the health and increase social awareness for transgender individuals. Read about these physicians here.

Wisconsin is a land associated with beer, cheese, beer-cheese soup, and the Green Bay Packers. But how often do you hear it associated with new healthcare programs? Well, you can start today because in Racine a new program has been funded to help deliver medical care to underserved populations. This program is called the “Mobile Medical Unit” and you can read about it here.

Question: Why is it important to take into account social determinants of health?
Answer: Read this article.

Medicine alone cannot cure disease; healthy living cannot prevent disease, but when these two things work in tandem, a person’s life is greatly improved. This is why community-based providers and healthcare organizations have started partnering to address the social determinants of health. But what do these partnerships look like? How are they impacting communities? To get a better sense of these questions and more, Partnership for Healthy Outcomes reached out to those in these partnerships and recently published their findings on the Health Affairs.

The healthcare bill is up for vote soon and tensions are running high (and so are blood pressures I’m assuming, which now might be a good time to get that checked out the way this new bill looks). So what’s at stake if the ACA is repealed? For one rural Colorado town, possibly their hospital and it’s services .