Link Round Up: ACA Edition

Link Round Up: ACA Edition

By William JA Pinnock

Well well well. It’s been QUITE a while since we’ve had a Link Round Up and I must say, “Sorry”. I’ve been a bit busy and neglected the old Link Round Up. But, I am back and what a controversial week to be back with the ACA in danger of being repealed. Since this is in the forefront of the zeitgeist,  I decided in this edition to focus on the impact of repealing the ACA and not on specific up to the minute news stories because the news just keeps shifting hourly. So with that, I bring you the Link Round Up: ACA Edition.

I could write up a big introduction to this article, but I feel this line perfectly sums up how repealing the ACA impacts communities: “Where you live shouldn’t determine the quality of your family’s healthcare….” Erika Moseson. Read more from Dr. Moseson here.

What does a community without access to insurance and a community with access to insurance look like? Dr. Lisa Soltani, Medical Director of the El Rio Community Health Center, describes her experience in Arizona when the state froze Medicaid enrollment  and then the relief that came when the citizens of the state pushed back to allow ACA Medicaid expansions. It’s a fascinating read into the importance of access to insurance. Read about what she witnessed here.

Rural hospitals are, to quote Huey Lewis & the News, “walking on a thin line” due to the healthcare debate. The repeal of the ACA or drastic cuts to it could spell disaster for many rural citizens as their much needed health care facilities could shut down from lack of funding. In North Dakota, a state I hold dear, there are about 198 health facilities that are threatened with closure if the ACA is repealed or drastically altered. Read more about the threat of rural health center closures here.

UPDATE: Remember how I said above that the repeal news just keeps coming in too quick to have consistent updates? Well hopefully this will be the last one for a while because the current repeal attempt failed!