Link Round Up: Apr 30 – May 6

Link Round Up: Apr 30 – May 6

By William JA Pinnock

As John Sebastian once sang: “Welcome Back!” This week’s Link Round Up is going to be so good you all will forget that I didn’t post one last week (I though, will never forget). This week we will feature an article about homeless healthcare in Portland, OR, the use of telemedicine in rural mental healthcare, and the importance of Medicaid in combating health inequality.

The Lund Report recently published an article in which they interviewed six homeless individuals regarding their experiences with the healthcare system. It is an eye-opening article about the state of healthcare in a modern metropolitan area.

I write a lot about telemedicine, and with good reason! It’s a growing field of healthcare delivery and one that can greatly benefit rural communities. So I was happy to stumble upon this article from Medical Express that examines a new report out by Harvard Medical School and the RAND Corporation which found “a dramatic growth in the use of telemedicine for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in rural health areas.” Intriguing yes?

Finally, I have no good intro for this next article. It is a powerful read and one that helps highlight where healthcare is currently at in the United States. Read about Medicaid and health inequality here.