Link Round Up: March 5 – 11

Link Round Up: March 5 – 11

By William JA Pinnock

Hello all! I apologize for the sporadic nature of Link Round Ups lately, we have been busy bees with OCHIN Learning Forum. But I am back and posting a little early this week because we have some important articles that have to, nay, NEED to be read.

With thoughts of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on everyone’s mind, OCHIN member Lynn Community Health Center recently received a visit from Senator Elizabeth Warren who vowed to fight for community health centers. “This is one of the places that is demonstrating how to give better health care at a lower cost.” The work that community health centers (CHCs) do is vital and we here at Community Research Laboratory commend Senator Warren for her stance. Read more about Senator Warren’s visit to Lynn CHC here.

Repealing the ACA is not the only thing worrying people as of late, Congress is also discussing preventing Planned Parenthood from “receiving Medicaid reimbursements for providing services like contraception and cancer screenings to low-income patients.” This would have huge consequences for people who rely on these services as CHCs may not be able to handle the patient load and many CHCs are “not equipped to provide the reproductive services that Planned Parenthood is known for. So the question becomes: where would these patients turn to? Read more about this here.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon recently met with rural healthcare providers at OCHIN member clinic La Clinica in Medford, OR to discuss concerns about how repealing the ACA could impact rural patients and “the economy of southern Oregon.”  Read more about Senator Wyden’s discussion with community members and physicians here.