Link Round Up: Mar 22 – 25

Link Round Up: Mar 22 – 25

By William JA Pinnock

After the surprise Palindrome Date Edition of the LRU (that’s Link Round Up for short), we are back to our normal old self. This week we examine what the future of health care would look like under a Trump budget and take a look at the field of population health in an article featuring OHSU & OCHIN’s own Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil!

Erie Family Health Center – Chicago, IL. Since the ACA become law, their patient levels have soared to over 68,000, double what it was four years ago. But now uncertainty over the future of healthcare is looming with the “Repeal and Replace” mantra being chanted from the new administration and health centers like Erie Family are concerned about the future of healthcare and their patients. Read more about the Erie Family Health Center and what the changes in healthcare law could mean.

Community health centers are not the only ones who are concerned about the future of healthcare. OHSU recently noted that the new Trump budget proposal would “devastate the scientific community.” The new budget proposes cutting $6 billion (20%) out of the overall NIH budget. This would have dramatic impacts on the advancement of scientific knowledge and have huge effects on OHSU as they rely “heavily on NIH funding to carry out life-saving research.” Read more about OHSU’s view on the new budget here.

OHSU and OCHIN’s own Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil recently appeared in an article in Health Informatics discussing social determinants of health tools in electronic health records. Read about Dr. DeVoe’s thoughts on SDOH tools in the EHR here.

***UPDATE 3/24/2017 – 12:55pm****

The Republican bill that would have repealed and replaced Obamacare has been pulled from consideration. Read more about it here.