Link Round Up: Feb 5 – 11

Link Round Up: Feb 5 – 11

By William JA Pinnock

This week’s Link Round Up is going to only focus on local positive health care stories. There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about the future of health care, future of community health centers, future of health coverage, etc. It’s a very tense and frankly worrisome time for many. So to try and alleviate some of that worry, we are going to take a step back from those stories and highlight some articles showing the positives currently playing out in our local community health centers in Oregon.

OCHIN member Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center has thrown down the gauntlet and declared that it’s clinics are sanctuary sites, where all who reside in Washington and Yamhill counties are welcome to receive care at. “Virginia Garcia is a local solution to the national problem of access to health care…[they] will continue to provide great care tot hose who need it most in our community….we want them to know that we are here for them, regardless of who they are or where they were born.” Read more about Virginia Garcia’s announcement here.

Umpqua Community Health Center recently received some good news: the Health Resources and Services Administration recently guaranteed UCHC $9 million in funding for three years. Read more about the grant here.

A new clinic opened late last month in Newberg, OR that “aims to embody a family practice clinic model that emphasizes a real relationship between patient and medical provider.”
The Name? The People’s Clinic of Newberg.
The Founder? Sheila Smith, NP.
The Link to the article so you can find out more? Right here!