Link Round Up: Feb 19 – 25

Link Round Up: Feb 19 – 25

By William JA Pinnock

Welcome back to the Link Round Up! We’ve been a bit spotty over the course of the past couple weeks, lots and lots has been going on, but do not for one second think I’ve forgotten about giving updates on the latest news stories. So as an olive branch to say I’m sorry for not posting as much lately, this week I have rounded up QUITE a batch of articles (even one from outside of the US, only the second time we have done that!).

It shouldn’t come as a¬†shock to anyone that the new administration is not the biggest fan of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But what really is the cost of repealing the ACA? And what is the current threat of repealing it doing to health centers that serve populations who rely on it? NPR recently interviewed individuals at three community health centers (including one OCHIN member Saban Community Clinic) about how the threat of repealing the ACA is effecting their health centers.

Did you know that under the ACA programs called teaching health centers were created? This is a program designed to help increase the number of doctors working in underserved and rural areas. Capital Public Radio, out of Sacramento, CA profiled one of these teaching health centers in Redding, CA. Read or listen to the story here.

There has been a lot of negativity floating around the US regarding health and social policies, so let’s take a break from that and travel to Australia, where a focus on social determinants of health is helping to improve the health care for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people with Acute Coronary Syndrome. The project titled Lighthouse Hospital Toolkit looks to create “systemic change in acute care….[and is] built on the principle that a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples’ cultures, as well as a better understanding of political, social and historical factors…”. Read more about the Lighthouse Hospital Toolkit and the work being done in Australia.