Link Round Up: Jan 15 – 21

Link Round Up: Jan 15 – 21

By William JA Pinnock

This week’s Link Round Up features a report by the Kaiser Foundation on CHCs, a New York Times Op-Ed piece on the forgotten victims of opioid addiction, and finally an article from the Huffington Post about preventive services.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation recently published a report about community health centers, their patients, and the importance of CHCs in communities. Read the brief here.

When we think of the opioid epidemic, we tend to think of the people taking the drugs and how it is impacting them. We sometimes forget that there are other casualties though and those are the children of opioid users. The New York Times Editorial Board wrote a fantastic op-ed about these victims of the opioid epidemic.

My friend Jess alerted me to an article written by a colleague of hers concerning the need to preserve preventive services, and if there is any day that feels appropriate to post such an important article, it’s today. Read this insightful piece here.