Link Round Up: Oregon Health Edition

Link Round Up: Oregon Health Edition

By William JA Pinnock

We here at Community Research Laboratory are dedicated to discussing topics that are in the national spotlight with the hopes of educating people, creating conversations, and inspiring change. Today though, we want to narrow that light and shine it on Oregon to give a snapshot of our state’s healthcare and how the concepts and issues we discuss here weekly are happening in our backyards.

Housing is a key piece of healthcare, without a comfortable space health issues can only be exacerbated. With this in mind, the Oregon Health Authority began examining housing in relation to social determinants of health and how CCOs in Oregon are managing health and housing. Read more about housing and social determinants of health in Oregon.

To help continue the Medicaid programs that Oregon have implemented, Governor Kate Brown is asking the federal government for a $1.25 billion waiver to extend over the next five years. Read more about Governor Kate Brown and the Medicaid waiver here.

Finally, the article that spurred me to create this special edition of the Link Round Up. Have you ever wondered what healthcare is like in a rural community? Have you ever wondered just how social determinants of health can affect a population? Well, meet the children of Rogue River, OR.