Link Round Up: Nov 27 – Dec 3

Link Round Up: Nov 27 – Dec 3

By William JA Pinnock

Welcome back to the Link Round-Up! This week, we have our first international Link Round-Up with an article about our friends to the north: Canada!  So please, read on and learn from these articles about population health, transgender healthcare, and opioid abuse.

Health Affairs recently published a fascinating blog post about the five qualities will help improve the overall healthiness in a community. Read about the five qualities here.

Do you know what “healthcare access” for transgender individuals means? I thought I did until after I read this eye opening article from Human Rights Campaign.

Here at Community Research Laboratory, we have discussed the opioid epidemic in terms of what is happening in the United States, but this problem extends beyond our borders. As reported by the Ontario Drug Policy Network, “more than 20 per cent of adults on Ontario’s publicly-funded drug benefit plan are taking doctor-prescribed opioids, swelling to nearly 30 per cent in some parts of the province.” These staggering numbers help to highlight just how widespread the opioid epidemic is.  Read more about  the report and Canada’s efforts to help combat the opioid epidemic.