Link Round Up: Dec 4 – Dec 10

Link Round Up: Dec 4 – Dec 10

By William JA Pinnock

This week’s Link Round Up is jam packed with articles covering a wide spectrum of topics in the healthcare world: housing, social determinants of health in Philadelphia, food coalitions, and HIV. Sounds like a very intriguing lineup of articles huh?

A white paper recently released by the Root Cause Coalition explores housing issues and how some medical centers, including OCHIN EHR member Boston Medical Center, are working to combat theseissues. Read more about BMC, Partners Healthcare, and Cleveland’s University Hospitals and their housing initiatives.

The city of Philadelphia, state departments, and Temple University are teaming up to fight social determinants of health in North Philadelphia. The program will provide $1.5 million in funding to schools in North Philadelphia to provide “higher quality healthcare” for the students. In addition, Temple University will “advocate that all schools provide vaccines, behavioral health care and trauma-informed teaching.” Read more about the program here.

Ensuring communities have access to healthy food options is the goal of the Gorge Food Security Coalition, a group composed of roughly 22 local organizations. The group convened this week to begin work on this project and start strategizing on how to eliminate food gaps within the Columbia Gorge region. Read more about this project here.

Last Thursday, Oregon launched a program that it hopes will put an end to HIV infections in the state. This five year plan emphasizes: testing, prevention, and treatment. Read more about the program and Oregon’s goals here.


We here at Community Research Laboratory would like to congratulate Riley Shearer of Montana State University on winning the Schwarzman Scholarship! Riley is a mentee of OHSU/OCHIN’s own Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil. Congrats Riley!