Link Round Up: Oct 23 – Oct 29

Link Round Up: Oct 23 – Oct 29

By William JA Pinnock

Welcome back! We here at Community Research Laboratory are glad you decided to drop by this Halloween weekend.¬† We plan to give you quite a treat with the following articles…. and that is no trick! This week we have articles about rising numbers of CHC patients, a new pilot¬†program to help the homeless in LA, and how to improve quality by understanding social determinants of health.

A new national study shows that post ACA, CHCs are serving millions more insured people, but the number of uninsured people has only slightly declined. Intrigued by this? Read more about the study here.

Orange County, California is testing out a new pilot program to help the homeless with healthcare and social needs. The program will work to coordinate both medical and social services between the various healthcare providers in the area when a transient individual uses an emergency room for a non-urgent medical need. Read more about this new pilot program here.

More and more the idea of addressing social determinants of health is becoming an important topic of conversation. Recently, the National Committee for Quality Assurance held their Quality Talks conference in Washington, D.C. A major theme: we need more upstream interventions to help improve patients’ lives. Read about the conference and two of the speakers here.


TED Talk by Rishi Manchanda discussing social determinants of health.