Link Round Up: Oct 16 – Oct 22

Link Round Up: Oct 16 – Oct 22

By William JA Pinnock

In this installment of the Link Round Up we are getting back to basics, just a standard three articles – no more, no less. And they are doozies this week. We have an article about an Oregon CHC’s recent award, an article about how microblogging could be used to learn the health of a neighborhood, and finally, an article about MACRA that is so smart, I gave up trying to write an introduction to it.

Community Research Laboratory wants to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to One Community Health who was recently awarded $88,000 for “quality improvement systems and infrastructure as well as to build upon primary care service delivery.” Read about the award here.

Here is some (soda) pop-science for you. The Journal of Medical Internet Research – Public Health published a study recently examining tweets with food/beverage and the geotagged location of the tweet to look at the health of Americans. The study, from the University of Utah, is novel in it’s approach to examining social determinants of health through microblogging. Side note: the study found that coffee is the most tweeted about food/beverage (congratulations coffee!).┬áRead more about the study here.

The following article about MACRA┬áis smart, so smart in fact that I couldn’t even come up with a decent way to introduce it (and I’ve been trying for twenty minutes). But trust me, it’s full of very interesting thoughts and I encourage you to read Dr. John O’Shea’s assessment of how to improve MACRA.