Link Round Up: August 21 – 27

Link Round Up: August 21 – 27

By William JA Pinnock

Welcome back to the Link Round Up: your source for local and national health news from around Oregon and the United States! This week, we are going to be looking at an article discussing the link between lack of healthy food and early markers of heart disease,  a profile of Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, and a push to include housing as part of Medicaid in Oregon.

In Minnesota (go Twins!), 16 percent of census tracts are “food deserts”: areas with lots of people who live significant distance from full-service grocery stores. This lack of access to healthy foods can cause early markers for heart disease to appear, according to an article published in the journal Circulation. What is to be done about this problem? How can we get food to these people? To find out, read this interview with Leah Gardner, program manager of the Good Food Access Fund.

Fact: Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has been in operation for 66 years. Fact: It is a non-profit charitable hospital. Fact: It has recently partnered with Virginia Mason Medical Center. Want to know more facts? Read this interesting piece recently published in the Yakima Herald about the hospital’s history and it’s future.

What if Medicaid could cover housing for vulnerable populations? This is the question that the Oregon Health Authority is currently exploring as they are trying to get a waiver from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare to help cover housing costs for the homeless or recently homeless who are high-needs patients.  Read more about the push to integrate housing costs into Medicaid here.