Link Round Up: August 14 – 20

Link Round Up: August 14 – 20

By William JA Pinnock

This week’s Link Round Up is a good one, if you don’t mind me saying.  You want some news on geocoded data? We got it! What about a story on the changing landscape of homeless healthcare? We got that too! We even have news of a new mental health facility opening up in Hillsboro, OR and a report about mental health care access in America. See, I told you this was going to be a good one.

What if you could pull out your phone and instantly see the health statistics of your neighborhood? If you live in Philadelphia, this is a reality thanks to a new app called Community Health Explorer.  The app is a collaboration between the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation and can be used by residents and researchers to examine the health of different areas of Philly. Read more about the Community Health Explorer app here.

Harborview Hospital is testing out a new program to help those homeless who are in desperate need of attention. The program, called Homeless Palliative Care Outreach Program, will have nurse practitioners go out into “encampments, shelters, and even emergency rooms” to identify and help those individuals with life threatening illnesses. Read more about the Homeless Palliative Care Outreach Program here.

Washington County is getting a new urgent-care center for mental health services. The center will offer ” ongoing treatment, crisis counseling, information and referrals.” The center could open as early as March 2017. Read more about this new center here.

A new study from the journal Health Affairs reports that there has been a 0.2 percent decline in the number of practicing psychiatrists in the United States. Scary, right? Well, what’s even scarier is the lack of mental health services in rural and poorer areas of the US. Reporter Markian Hawryluk discusses the impacts of dwindling mental health services in this article originally posted in the Bend Bulletin.