Link Round Up

Link Round Up

Today’s link round up is personal,  here are two links to news articles featuring some of our very own APM stakeholders:

  • The Oregonian addressed the rise in Medicaid enrollees in Oregon, and they interviewed Dr. John Guerreiro of Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. Dr. Guerreiro was one of the featured physicians in our post focused on new ways of providing care. The article, available here,  mentions Virginia Garcia is using the innovative methods allowed by APM to care for this influx of patients:

“The Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, which comprises nine clinics in northwestern Oregon, serves 36,000 patients in Washington and Yamhill counties. The center has been working through a backlog to link thousands of people to doctors, using innovations such as group visits and telemedicine.”

  • CNN asked OCHIN leader Jennifer DeVoe to provide an Op-Ed on the Affordable Care Act, from the point of view of a practicing family physician. You can read the full article by clicking here. Here is an excerpt from this article:

“I have been involved in efforts as a physician-scientist working to discover new cures for the American epidemic of ‘uninsurance’ and finding new treatments for our nation’s ‘inequitable access to care’ disease. Recently, I heard several top scientists debating whether we should keep asking the question: ‘Does health insurance matter?’

Consider the following two questions. Are you willing to drop your health insurance policy immediately and go without health insurance indefinitely? Are you willing to enroll in a study where you are randomized to receive health insurance or go without health insurance for a long period? If your answer to either or both of these questions is ‘no’, then we should stop asking whether insurance matters and move forward toward insuring every American.”