Welcome to the FRONTIERS Blog

Welcome to the FRONTIERS Blog

Hello, and welcome to the debut of the FRONTIERS blog. This is a space where we will explore the real-time findings of a payment reform experiment in Oregon’s Community Health Centers. This blog is managed by partners interested in bringing about a solution for value-based care, and we are so pleased that you’ve found your way to our blog.

The FRONTIERS Blog is a collaboration between OCHIN and the Oregon Health & Science University Department of Family Medicine to share real-time findings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded study, “A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Payment Reform in Oregon’s Community Health Centers.”

Who are we?

We are a team of researchers in Oregon interesting in understanding how changes in health policy impact the delivery of primary care in safety net populations. Oregon’s Alternative Payment Methodology demonstration project is a “natural experiment” for testing the impact of changing the way we pay clinics and providers to delivery care to safety net populations. We are conducting a mixed-methods study to understand the impact of this natural experiment in Oregon.

Why did we start this blog?

This blog was created to share the lessons learned from Oregon and to start a conversation with others around the country who are involved in similar efforts or want to learn from the experience in Oregon. This blog is a platform for those on the ground experiencing this transition to APM to share insights and lessons learned. It also provides a venue for the research team to report in real time on relevant findings. We hope to encourage discussion between those with experience implementing such transformations and those who are eager to start the journey. We will feature posts from individuals at the forefront of health care transformation efforts, specifically in the area of payment reform, along with relevant health transformation news.  The content shared here will be timely to ongoing transformations happening in primary care settings across the country.

We look forward to lively discussion, input and collaboration from across the nation, and encourage you to let us know what you think!