Treating the Whole Person

By Jen Coury

Anyone who works in health care knows how important mental health treatment is to overall patient care, and at the same time, how difficult it is to provide that treatment. Some clinics, however, are shifting to a team-based care model and, more often than not, including behavioral and mental health providers in the team.

“We’re talking about team-based care,” says a behavioral health consultant in a clinic implementing Alternative Payment Methodology (APM). “This new model will essentially make us more like team members. The PCPs need to know that, essentially we’re specialists.  We’re consultants that will help people with particular things.  But we’re not going to take the patient and treat the patient. We’re going to help them treat this patient.  And I think that’s a huge culture shift, and particularly for us.” Continue reading Treating the Whole Person

Alan Weil on Payment Reform

“We should remember, however, that payment reform is a tool, not an end in itself; and we should be clear about our goals and then deploy the tool where it can help us achieve those goals”

Alan Weil, Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs, has written a two part blog series on payment reform over on the Health Affairs Blog.

Part One, “Why I Oppose Payment Reform” and Part Two, “How to Succeed at Payment Reform (By Really Trying)” are available now.